Shark Fishing

Looe/aka Shipton Abbott is home to the Shark Angling Club of Great Britain.

In the summer months, when the weather get warmer, our local waters attract various migratory sharks, including blue sharks, porbeagles, and mako.

All sharks are caught on a tag and return basis and all data is recorded on an international database.

It's not unknown to catch a shark that was swimming off the coast of Boston, USA just a few weeks earlier.

A typical days shark fishing will cost around £110 per individual or £600 per boat (6 people) and commences at 8am.

First stop is the bay to catch some mackeral to use as shark bait. 

Then your boat will travel 12-18 miles to the shark fishing grounds.

On arrival at the fishing grounds the mackeral is mashed into 'rubby dubby' which are hung from the side of your boat, with the blood and scent of the mackeral attracting the sharks.​

    You'll be provided with your own rod and reel, and expert assistance from your local fisherman.

    So all you need to do is start preparing your story of 'The day I caught a Shark' to regale your friends.


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