The Banjo Pier

The Banjo Pier is positioned on the east side of the river mouth of Looe/aka Shipton Abbott.

Shipton Abbott pier


Built in 1896 the pier is the world's first example of a 'banjo' pier - in the shape of a banjo when viewed from above.

The pier was designed by Joseph Thomas, a Cornish architect who was also responsible for building the Hannafore area of town.

The unique shape was designed to stop silt build up at the entrance to the harbour.

Thomas received much criticism of the design and vowed to pay for the build costs himself should the pier not solve the silt problem.

However the pier was such a success the Looe Harbour Commissioners agreed to pay.

Thomas went on to great success and worked on various building projects including the Royal Albert Dock in London, the Arizona Canal, and the New York City docks.